VASE Research Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

HONET 2021

IEEE 18th Int'l Conference HONET 2021

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Service Line: 04 Imaging and Characterization

VASE Research Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

The VASE ellipsometer is used for non-destructive characterization of thin film and bulk materials: semiconductors, dielectrics, polymers, metals, multi-layers, and more. It is typically used for measuring thin film thickness and optical constants (n and k).  It can also acquire intensity data to measure reflectance and transmission. The VASE has the highest precision and accuracy of any spectroscopic ellipsometer.

Wide Spectral Range: 193 to 1700 nm.
WVASE32®: most sophisticated ellipsometric data analysis software
Automated Angle of Incidence
Focusing optics for 200um spot size
-Reflected and transmitted ellipsometry
-Polarized transmission and reflection
intensity depolarization
-Anisotropic measurements
-Mueller Matrix 

Manufacturer: J. A. Woollam
Model: 6460LV

Lou Deguzman

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