Olympus Microscope OLS4000

HONET 2021

IEEE 18th Int'l Conference HONET 2021

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Service Line: 04 Imaging and Characterization

3D Measuring Laser Microscope

The LEXT OLS4000 3D Measuring Laser Confocal Microscope is designed for nanometer level imaging and measurement. Magnification ranges from 108x – 17,280x and provides guaranteed accuracy specification. The Dual Confocal system can image and measure up to 85-degree slopes and image samples with both high and low reflectivity levels.

Five Key Laser Technologies:
1. Under short-wavelength laser source
2. Confocal Optical System
3. XY Scan
4. Real Color Image Acquisition
5. Linear Scale Z-scanning

Seven Measurement Modes:
1. Step Measurement
2. Surface Roughness Measurement
3. Area/Volume Measurement
4. Particle Measurement
5. Film Thickness Measurement
6. Under Geometric Measurement
7. Auto Edge Detection Measurement

Manufacturer: Olympus
Model: OLS4000 LEXT

Scott Williams

Lou Deguzman (Co-manager)

Tool Location:

Grigg Hall, Third Floor            Room: CleanRoom            Bay Number: 3