Wire Bonder K&S

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Wire Bonder

The 4524AD Programmable Digital Ball Bonder provides excellent repeatability needed for gold ball bonding applications, such as: optoelectronic modules, discrete devices/laser diodes, microwave products etc. The System manages 200 programs, with up to six channels per program. The programmable wire cycle combines flexibility and consistency for high yields.
The 4524AD Bonder has the following features:

  • Leica microscope and spotlight targeting;
  • Deep access capability;
  • Flat substrate holder with built-in temperature controller;
  • Motorized Y axis and programmable auto-stepback function for precise wire length and loop formation;
  • Auto-2nd bond mode for complete single wire programmed sequence;
  • Digital readout of all parameters etc.

  Manufacturer: K&S Model: 4524AD   Contact: Scott Williams


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