Scribe and Break Tool

Service Line: 03 Packaging

Scribe and Break Tool

The LSD-100 employs a "break wheel" that rolls over the length of a scribe line. Breaking is achieved by applying tensile strain lateral to the scribe line. In this case the wheel bends the wafer over a curved surface ("Roller Breaking").


  • Roller-Style Breaker
  • Motorized Rotation Control
  • 4" (100mm) Wafer Capability
  • Color Camera
  • Machine Control Software
  • Auto Channel Recognition Software
  • Windows® XP


  • Cleaving Laser Diodes
  • Dicing Laser Bars
  • Limited-Contact Dicing for:
    • Vicsels
    • GaAs FETs
    • MEMs
  • Limited-Production Dicing

Manufacturer: Loomis Industries, Inc.
Model: LSD-100

Scott Williams

Tool Location:

Grigg Hall, Second Floor            Room: 207            Bay Number: N/A