Digital Wedge Bonding System

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Digital Wedge Bonding System

For process development, production or research, the 4523AD Digital Wedge Bonding System provides the high yields and excellent repeatability needed for gold contact applications, including:

• Optoelectronic Modules
• Hybrid/MCMs
• Microwave Products
• Discrete Devices/Lasers
• Chip-on-Board

The tool is now set up for bonding 1 mil x 10 mil (25 μm x 250 μm) gold ribbon excellent for high power and high speed applications. The 4523AD Bonder also has the following features:

• Nikon microscope and spotlight targeting;
• Deep access capability;
• Flat substrate holder with built-in temperature controller;
• Motorized Y axis and programmable auto-stepback function for precise wire length and loop formation;
• Digital readout of all parameters etc.

Manufacturer: K&S
Model: 4523AD

Oleg Smolski

Tool Location:

Grigg Hall, Second Floor            Room: 207            Bay Number: N/A