Center Director

Dr. Glenn Boreman
Infrared antennas and transmission lines, infrared frequency-selective surfaces, nano-scale E-field mapping, BRDF & surface-scatter measurements

Chaired Professors

Robert Hocken
Metrology, Nanotechnology (ME)
Steven R. Patterson
Precision Machine Design (ME)
Raphael Tsu
Semiconductor Lasers (ECE)
Yong Zhang
Optoelectronics and Nanostructures, Spectroscopy and Computation (ECE)


Ishwar D. Aggarwal
Fiber-Optics, optical wave-guides, fiber devices and Transparent and Laser Gain Ceramics (Phys)
Vasily Astratov
Optoelectronic Materials and Devices (Phys)
Stephen Bobbio
Microelectromechanical Devices (ECE)
Wei Cai
Computational Electromagnetics (Math)
Lee Casperson
Lasers and Optical Systems (ECE)
Kasra Daneshvar
Non-linear Optics, Lasers (ECE)
Bernadette Donovan-Merkert
Chiral Materials (Chair Chem)
Tom DuBois
Chiral Molecules for Polarization Control (Chem)
Christopher J. Evans
Diamond Turned Optics, Surface Form Metrology, Self-Calibration Techniques (ME)
Faramarz Farahi
Fiber Optics, Interferometry (Phys)
Ian Ferguson
Solar, Solid State Lighting and Spintronics (Chair ECE)
Michael Klibanov
Applied Mathematics, Inverse Problems (Math)
Tom R. Lucas
Applied Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Inverse Problems (Math)
Craig Ogle
Chiral Materials (Chem)
M. Yasin A. Raja
Semiconductor Lasers, Optical Communications (Phys)
Stuart T. Smith
Probe Microscopy, X-Ray Interferometry (ME)
Boris Vainberg
Mathematics of Wave Propagation (Math)

Associate Professors

Banita Brown
Organic Optical Materials (Chem)
James Conrad
Embedded Systems and Sensors, Robotics (ECE)
Brian Cooper
Ultrasensitive Fluorescence Detection (Chem)
Angela Davies
Optical Metrology (Phys)
Matthew A. Davies
Manufacturing Science, Nonlinear Dynamics (ME)
Nathaniel Fried
Biomedical Optics, Laser-Tissue Interactions (Phys)
Greg Gbur
Inverse Problems, Coherence Theory, Singular Optics (Phys)
Yuri Godin
Waves in Random and Periodic Media (Math)
Mohamed-Ali Hasan
Optoelectronic Materials and Devices (ECE)
Tsing-Hua Her
Micro- and nanophotonics, Laser Materials Processing (Phys)
Terrill Mayes
Interferometry, Optical Sensing (Phys)
M. Taghi Mostafavi
Biomedical Imaging and Instrumentation (Comp Sci)
Brigid Mullany
Precision Surfaces, Polishing (ME)
Asis Nasipuri
Fiber Networks, Wireless Networking (ECE)
Jordan Poler
Surface Analysis & Surface Self Assembly (Chem)
Tom Schmedake
Inorganic Optical Materials and Sol-gels (Chem)
Oleg Smolski
Optoelectronic Materials and Devices (Phys)
Edward Stokes
Semiconductor Light Sources (ECE)
K. R. Subramanian
Image Processing (Comp Sci)
Tom Suleski
Micro- and nano-optics, Integrated Microsystems (Phys)
Susan Trammell
CCD Imaging Devices (Phys)
Tom Weldon
Communication Systems, Medical Image Processing (ECE)

Assistant Professors

Marcus Jones
Photoexcitation Dynamics (Chem)
Yuri Nesmelov
Biophysics of Molecular Motors (Phys)
Irina Nesmelova
Experimental biophysics
Menelaos Poutous
Diffractive Optics, Fabrication of Micro-optics, Microlithography (Phys)
Terry Xu
Nanomaterials, Devices & Fabrication (ME)
Haitao Zhang
Synthesis and characterization of thin films and nanostructures of functional materials

Adjunct Faculty

Robert Ingel
(Optics Center)

Faculty Associates

John Hudak
CleanRoom Manager (ECE)
Robert Hudgins
CleanRoom Manager (Optics Center)

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Polymer Nonotechnology Laboratory Staff

Optoelectronics Center Staff

Mark Clayton
Communications and Web Site Manager
Laura Craig
Business Services Coordinator
Scott Williams
Research Operations Manager