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Increasing sensitivity and angle-of-view of mid-wave infrared detectors by integration with dielectric microspheres

Kenneth W. Allen, Farzaneh Abolmaali, Joshua M. Duran, Gamini Ariyawansa, Nicholaos I. Limberopoulos, Augustine M. Urbas and Vasily N. Astratov

Applied Physics Letters

Appl. Phys. Lett. 108, 241108 (2016) Published online 15 June 2016


Localized PT-symmetric directionally invisible scatterers

Elisa Hurwitz and Greg Gbur


Phys. Rev. A 93, 041803(R) – Published 21 April 2016


Light-Effect Transistor (LET) with Multiple Independent Gating Controls for Optical Logic Gates and Optical Amplification

Jason K. Marmon, Satish C. Rai, Kai Wang, Weilie Zhou, and Yong Zhang

Frontiers in Physics | Optics and Photonics Front. Phys., 21 March 2016 http://dx.doi.org/10.3389/fphy.2016.00008

Persistence of photonic nanojet formation under the deformation of circular boundary

Ibrahim Mahariq, Vasily N. Astratov, and Hamza Kurt

Journal of the Optical Society of America B

Vol. 33, Issue 4, pp. 535-54, Published: March 8, 2016


Imaging of sub-wavelength structures radiating coherently near microspheres

Alexey V. Maslov and Vasily N. Astratov

Applied Physics Letters

Appl. Phys. Lett. 108, 051104 (2016), Published online 02 February 2016


Impurity Resonant States p-type Doping in Wide-Band-Gap Nitrides

Zhiqiang Liu, Xiaoyan Yi, Zhiguo Yu, Gongdong Yuan, Yang Liu, Junxi Wang, Jinmin Li, Na Lu, Ian Ferguson, Yong Zhang

Scientific Reports

Sci Rep. 2016; 6: 19537., Published online 2016 Jan 18