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Michael A. Fiddy

Michael A. Fiddy

  • Professor of Physics and Optical Science and of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
  • Founding Director, Center for Optoelectronics and Optical Communications, UNC Charlotte, 2002-2010.
  • NSF Industry-University Collaborative Research Center for Metamaterials Site Director, 2011-


PhD in Physics, University of London 1977
BS in Physics, first class honors University of London 1973

Technical Activities/Interests

  • Superresolution and image reconstruction from limited data
  • Inverse scattering and structure synthesis: metamterials

Past Appointments

  • 2010 Visiting Erskine Fellow, EE Department, University of Canterbury, Christchurch New Zealand
  • 2010 Visiting Professor, Nanophotonics Laboratory, School of EEE, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
  • 1994-2001  Head of Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, UML
  • 1987-2001 Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Lowell (tenured).
  • 1985-86     Visiting Associate Professor in Mathematics Department, Catholic University of  America, Washington, D. C.
  • 1984-1987 Faculty in Physics, Kings College, London University (tenured).
  • 1982 (summer) and 1983 (summer) Visiting Associate Professor at the Institute of Optics, University of Rochester,  New York.
  • 1979-1984 Faculty in Physics, Queen Elizabeth College, London University (tenured 1982).
  • 1978-1979 Post-doc, EE Dept., University College, London University.

Service to the Technical Community

  • Editor-in-Chief, Waves in Random and Complex Media, since Jan 1996
  • Deputy Editor, Photonics Research, since Jan 2013.
  • Topical Editor for Signal and Image Processing, Optical Society of America A, 1994-2000.
  • Editor, Optics and Photonics Letters, World Scientific Press, since 2007.
  • Editorial Board, Advances in Optical Technologies, Hiwandi Press, since 2007.
  • Vice Chair, IEEE Communications Society, 2004-7, Charlotte Chapter.
  • SPIE and OSA conference/topical meeting organizer
  • OSA Meetings Council (2009- ); chair elect 2013;
  • Optoelectronics Industry Development Association (OIDA) Advisory Board & Council (2011-)
  • OSA Leith and Richardson Medal Committees
  • New England Chapter of SPIE;
    • Treasurer  1992-1994; President 1994-1996, Past President 1996-98.
  • SPIE ESTeP Committee  2006-2008
  • Co-founder: Carolinas Photonics Consortium and Carolinas MicroOptics Triangle
  • Organizer/co-organizer of 15 international conferences since 1990

Professional Honors

  • Fellow of SPIE
  • Fellow of OSA,
  • Fellow Inst. of Physics (UK),
  • Fellow Electromagnetics Academy
  • Senior Member IEEE
  • UMass Lowell Outstanding Graduate Educator of the year (1991).
  • UMass ECE Department Teaching Excellence Award (2001).
  • Andrewes Prize in Physics, University of London (1972).


  • 12 book chapters
  • Editor/co-Editor 12 conference proceedings
  • > 140 refereed papers
  • 320 conference publications
  • Monograph: Fiddy, M.A. and M. Nieto-Vesperinas, Editors, "Optical Signal Processing", monograph published by Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1992.

Recent Publications

M. Sheih, C. L. Byrne and M. A. Fiddy, “Resolution Enhancement using Prior Information” in Image Restoration: Fundamentals and Advances, Ed. B. Gunturk, CRC/Taylor and Francis Press, Chapter 4, (2012).

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M. E. Testorf  and M. A. Fiddy, "Superresolution Imaging: Revisited", Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics, Ed. P. W. Hawkes, Vol 163, ch 5, pp166-218, Ed. P. W. Hawkes, Academic Press, (2010).

W. Yang and M. A. Fiddy, “On the negative index perfect lens with loss”, accepted JBAP, 2013.

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Andrey V. Kuzhuget, Larisa Beilin, Michael V. Klibanov, Anders Sullivan, Lam Nguyen and Michael A. Fiddy “Blind experimental data for imaging of explosive-like targets by an approximately globally convergent inverse algorithm” Inverse Problems vol 28, (2012), 095007 (33pp).

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Yi-Chen Chuang, R. Dudley and M. A. Fiddy, “Optimal arrangement of meta-atoms composing metamaterials“,  SPIE Paper 8269   82691D1-7,  Photonic and Phononic Properties of Engineered Nanotructures II, Ed. A.Adibi, S-Y Lin and A. Scherer, Photonics West January 2012

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S. Chitchian, T. P. Weldon, M. A. Fiddy and N. M. Fried, "Combined image processing algorithms for improved optical coherent tomography of the prostate nerves", J. Biomedical Optics, 15, issue 4, 046014, (2010). Also featured in September 1, 2010 issue of Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research.

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